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About the Contest

The “I am an Entrepreneur” contest is designed to help entrepreneurs and SMB (Small and Medium sized Business) with the many challenges entrepreneurs face today including; funding, cash flow, finding resources, customers and great suppliers to help them run and grow their business. We want to shine a spotlight on the incredible diversity of entrepreneurs from all industries, sectors, religious backgrounds, cultures, colors, ages, and abilities across Ontario.

Contest Rules

  • Open to small or medium business (SMB) located, and authorized to do business, in Ontario, Canada
  • You must become a Verified User (Buyer or Supplier) on ProcureHub
  • Existing ProcureHub Verified Users qualify but must meet all other contest rules to be eligible
  • Submit a video (mp4) of no longer than 30 seconds and upload with Contest Entry
  • Click here for a list of the FULL CONTEST RULES
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Become a Sponsor

  • Brand recognition empowering entrepreneurship and fostering community growth
  • Gain exposure to a highly engaged audience of entrepreneurs, SMB leaders, and industry professionals
  • Sponsorships start at $250 offering of FREE SERVICES
  • Opportunity to become a guest and sponsor “The Entrepreneuring Show” with CEO Jill Button
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Need help with your entry or have questions?  Please contact the ProcureHub Team via email at ProcureHubMarketplace@gmail.com