I am an Entrepreneur Contest Rules

Contest period: May 1, 2024 to Oct 31, 2024

  1. Contestants must be the founder, owner, CEO, President or equivalent leader, or be the authorized representative of, a small or medium business (SMB) located and authorized to do business in Ontario, Canada. 
  2. You must be a legally registered business, have a Business Identification Number (BIN) and actively conducting business in Ontario, Canada.  
  3. Contestants must complete the online Contest Entry and answer the skill testing question; [(5×10)-6= ] 
  4. You must become a Verified User (Buyer or Supplier) on ProcureHub (additional conditions apply) within 30 days from date of contest entry.  There is no fee to become a Verified User, however you must agree to comply with the following ProcureHub Legal Terms & ConditionsSupplier Agreement, if applicable. 
  5. Existing ProcureHub Verified Users qualify but must meet all other contest rules to be eligible.   
  6. Approximate chances of winning are 1 in 200 and is subject to change based upon the actual number of contest entries.   
  7. Prize value is approximately $1000. CAD and is subject to change based upon Sponsorship contribution.  
  8. No purchase is necessary to win. 
  9. Contestants will earn 1 entry for completing an approved official entry, including their video and becoming a verified ProcureHub user.  To increase your chances of winning, contestants may earn additional entries as follows:  
    1. Refer a contestant who completes an approved official entry, including their video and becomes a verified ProcureHub user will earn an additional 3 entries per each referral, during the contest period.  
    2. Purchase a service on ProcureHub of >$100 (no refunds) and receive an additional 5 entries for each purchase made on ProcureHub.  Services billed monthly are multiplied by each month (ex: 5 entries per month the service is billed) and must adhere to the cancellation policy of the respective service provider.  
  10. Submit a video (MP4) of no longer than 30 seconds and upload with Contest Entry. Your video should be shoulders up, of the Founder/CEO, and the script must include the following:   
    • “Hi everyone, my name is [Your first and last name] 
    • My company is; [name of your company and one sentence about what you do] 
    • “What inspired me to become an entrepreneur was; [insert what inspired you]” 
    • “I am an Entrepreneur!”  

We will be promoting you and all contestants on the ProcureHub and ProcurePro social channels and will do our best to tag you.  

Please like, comment, and share ProcurePro posts on your social channels and with connections.  

Please feel free to upload your video to your own social channels, tag @ProcurePro Consulting include a link to the ProcureHub contest and ProcureHub site: www.ProcureHub.ca 

Please include Hashtags: #IAmAnEntprepreneur #ProcureHub  

  1. Contestants with the most entries may be selected to be a guest on “The Entrepreneuring Show” hosted by Jill Button.  Being a guest on the show is not guaranteed, nor required, however, guests will have an opportunity to promote themselves and their business on the show.  Show guests must qualify to be on the show and comply with all show requirements including signing a Guest Waiver. 
  2. The top 3 contestants with the most entries will be selected as finalists for  the prize.  The finalists earning the most votes, will be announced as the winner by November 30, 2024.
  3. By entering the contest you consent to allow us to use your entry details, including your name and company name, video and all related pictures to be used in the promotion of the contest.
  4. You must agree to comply by these contest rules, the following ProcurePro Terms and Conditions: Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions and Confidential Information

For any questions please email the ProcureHub team at ProcureHubMarketplace@gmail.com 

I am an Entrepreneur Contest Rules