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Who We Are

ProcurePro is a women owned and operated, boutique Procurement and Supply Chain consulting services firm. With more than three decades of experience, our customers reply upon ProcurePro as a trusted advisor, partner and vital extension of their team.
We truly are experts in Procurement, Supply Chain and Project Management.
We’ve been there and we’ve done that!

What We Do

ProcurePro is on a mission to help you save precious time and money. Offering virtual, outsourced, procurement, supply chain and project management services, we alleviate the stress and anxiety from the tedious, time consuming and often confusing tasks and activities involved in running competitive bids (RFx), negotiating contracts, managing projects and ensuring suppliers deliver on their promise.

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Why We do It

We truly believe you deserve, a trusted advisor and partner, an extension of your team, at an affordable price so you can invest your time and energy in running and growing your business

Our Valued Relationships & Experience