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About the Show

Join Jill Button, Founder & CEO of ProcurePro Consulting and the ProcureHub Marketplace every Thursdays at 12pm EST, weekly live on LinkedIn! 

Here from ProcureHub community entrepreneurs, leaders and other distinguished persons as they  highlight their entrepreneurial journey, lessons learned and industry knowledge.  

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Purple Gradients Podcast YouTube Thumbnail

Want to be Guest?

Want to be a guest on the Entrepreneuring show?  Complete the sign-up form and waiver (see link below) and you’ll be contacted by the show’s producer.

Guest Benefits:  

 Social Media Marketing (SMM)– Live exposure on our LinkedIn live show. Preshow marketing including on our social. Tag and exposure on their social media preshow. Post show marketing of snippets/shorts of YouTube show on our social.   

YouTube – Exposure on our YouTube show. Copy of snippets/shorts marketing of YouTube show on YouTube.   

Website – preshow exposure on our website adverting show coming soon. Post show Link to YouTube show, link to Article on our website.    

Email marketing – preshow email marketing to our email distribution list on upcoming LinkedIn Live show.. Post show email marketing for YouTube Show.   

Newsletter – preshow marketing to our Newsletter distribution list on upcoming LinkedIn Live show (2 upcoming shows and 2 past shows).  

Book – 1 chapter dedicated to them in the book. Author credit in the book. 

Collateral– Receive copy of edited YouTube show and snippets for their own marketing on their social, website etc.   

Need help with your entry or have questions?  Please contact the show producer at