We started ProcurePro with the goal of creating a different kind of company. One where the customer is at the centre of everything we do. We have a passion for delivering exceptional service... …sharing our decades of hands on knowledge and experience … … doing our very best work and who love what we do. We thrive in an environment where everyone is treated with respect and compassion. We embrace diverse perspectives, and experience and we believe in the power of our Team. Practical, Applicable, Sustainable Solutions!

Project: Leadership Development, Presentation Skills and Public Speaking

Services: Coaching & Development

Sarina Harrison Manager, Stakeholder Relations

“Jill is an extraordinary professional coach who supported me through Leadership Development, Presentation Skills, and Public Speaking. Jill worked with me over three months to develop and strengthen my professional skills in those areas. With feedback from my colleagues and OCNI leadership, it is evident that my presentation, delivery, and leadership have greatly improved since I started with Jill.

Personally, I am more confident in my ability to communicate effectively with colleagues and in a formal professional setting. Jill provided effective coaching with new valuable techniques in my areas of development that I will carry forward in life. I would highly recommend Jill for your coaching and development needs.”

Project: Web Hosting Services

Services: Requirement & Planning, RFP Management, Contract Negotiations

Yvette Nechvatal-Drew: Lead of FASD ONE Communications Chair

“Jill from ProcurePro helped make the entire process quick and painless. We were able to identify and transition to a new Web Hosting Services Provider, within our community quickly and efficiently. 

What might have taken us months to do was accomplished in just a few short weeks and we had the services up and running within a month. Jill was able to save us much needed time and money which we were able to invest FASD ONE program. I would not hesitate to recommend ProcurePro and will definitely be working with Jill again in the future.”

Project: ERP Systems Implementation

Services: Project Management, Executive Risk Oversight, Business Systems Analyst

Erin Sinyard SVP Finance, Kew Media Group

“​ProcurePro ensured an organized and rigorous process throughout.

They helped us through some extremely challenging times and ultimately, we went live with both systems, with the help of their incredibly dedicated team, in Jan 2020.

I would not hesitate to recommend Jill and the ProcurePro team.”

Project: Health Benefits Product Development

Services:Project Management

Leanne Baptista VP Operations and Client Serivces

“Susan was a tremendous help in keeping the team organized to move forward with both product development and launch.
When we had internal resources available, Susan was able to bring her up to speed and transition the project back to her leaving Benecaid in a great position to finish the project and launch.
We would not hesitate to use ProcurePro again in the future.”

Project: Procurement Consulting

Services:RFP, RFQ and Policies & Procedures

Ontario Regulatory Authority

This organization needed a detailed and comprehensive project plan for taking on all of the deliverables and activities they needed help with.
ProcurePro was able to outline a detailed governance structure to ensure oversight and management of the various project teams to ensure the best use of everyone’s time and to keep everyone on track.

Services: Competitive Bid (RFP) and Contract Negotiating Support

Financial Technology Company

This organization needed to work with a team that had deep competitive bid (RFP) experience and who could act fast to meet their extremely tight timelines.
ProcurePro were able to quickly learn their business requirements and develop a Request for Proposal (RFP) lightning fast.

Project: Contract Negotiations 

Services: Requirements & Planning, RFP Management, Contract Negotiations

Peter Berczi Chief Executive Officer

“ProcurePro saved us a substantial amount of time and money on our new contract with improved contractual terms (eg. termination rights). Going through the process really clarified our needs and aligned our internal thinking. It educated us on our capabilities and requirements.
We ended up with a superior solution, at a lower cost, and I even think the vendors were pleased with how fair, transparent, organized and ethical the entire process was. We have since used ProcurePro for another contract negotiation, and we intend to use them again in the future.”

Project: Printer & Copier Services and Donor Management Software

Services: Requirements & Planning, RFP Management, Contract Negotiation

Yvette Nechvatal-Drew Executive Director

“ProcurePro helped us by simplifying and managing both projects from end to end allowing us to focus our valuable time and resources on helping our Girls Inc. girls. They guided us and helped clarify our thinking.

They educated us on our capabilities and requirements today and to support and enable our growth in the future. They saved us much needed money which we were able to reinvest in our Girls Inc. programming. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend ProcurePro and hope to work with Jill again in the future.”

Project: ERP System Sourcing & Implementation

Services: Requirements, Project Management, RFP Management, Contract Negotiations, Systems Implementation

Shannon Valliant Finance & Operations Executive, CFO, CPA, CA Tech, Telco

Cindy Brown CHRP, SVP of Human Resources at BOAT ROCKER MEDIA

“ProcurePro helped us select the right solutions, saved us a substantial amount of time and money, while improving the contractual terms. Going through the process really kept us focused, track and aligned our internal thinking. It educated us on our capabilities and requirements.

We are excited to now be transitioning to our new global ERP systems, foundational to enable our rapid growth. ProcurePro ensured a fair, transparent, organized and ethical process throughout. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services and will use them again in the future.”

Services: Procurement Transformation

Global Transport and Logistics

This global transportation company needed help transforming their procurement team while streamlining their policies and procedures to build capacity for their rapid business growth. ProcurePro was able to detail a procurement transformation road map as well as draft updated policies and processes as part of their broader finance transformation.

This resulted in stronger internal business relationships between functional units as well as an aggressive transformative plan to support their growing business.

Project: Raw Materials 

Services: Requirements Gathering, Project Management, RFP Management 

Brent Hughes: CEO Cardinal Boxes 

The ProcurePro team brings much professionalism, experience and knowledge to the table.

I ProcurePro to complete a Request for Proposal (RFP) for my organization. Knowing I had very tight timelines to complete the project the ProcurePro team quickly put together a high-level project plan and engaged with my internal team to determine requirements and reach out to potential suppliers.

It is refreshing as a small business owner to find an organization like ProcurePro.”