" They instilled confidence and gave the team peace of mind we selected the right solutions for Boat Rocker and helped minimize the disruption to our business. "

Client Testimonial

Shannon Valliant

Finance & Operations Executive, CFO, CPA, CA Tech, Telco

Cindy Brown, CHRP, SVP of Human Resources at BOAT ROCKER MEDIA

Boat Rocker Media


Boat Rocker Media is a mid sized media and entertainment company that has grown rapidly to become a global creator, producer and distributor of premium content and brands for all platforms. With that substantial growth, our team struggled with disparate financial and payroll systems, no human resources system and highly manual processes. We needed a single, enterprise wide ERP solution encompassing; Financial System (FinSys), Payroll System and Human Capital Management (HCM) System. With tight timelines and rapid growth through acquisitions, our team was new and growing. We needed to work with a team we could trust that had proven experience and industry knowledge to help us determine our requirements, source potential solutions, contract and implement our new systems on a tight budget and aggressive timeline with minimal disruption to our fast paced business.

How did ProcurePro help?

ProcurePro brought a team-based approach with very specific expertise using a phased approach including: 1. Planning & Requirements 2. Managing the competitive selection process 3. Contract Negotiations 4. Implementation and supplier governance. They took the time to learn our business and helped us define what we truly needed; “Must Have vs Nice to Have”. They did a market assessment, identified a selection of competitive and qualified providers who serviced the Media and Entertainment industry, managed the entire RFP and evaluation process and then negotiated competitive contracts with two suppliers; NetSuite and ADP.

Beyond the sourcing process, the ProcurePro team helped oversee and provide project management for the entire end to end process which also included overseeing implementation. Our NetSuite Financial system successfully went live in March 2019 while the Payroll and HCM system successfully went live in April of 2019.

It was not feasible for us to manage this process ourselves as we didn’t have the capacity nor expertise in-house. ProcurePro helped us by providing a comprehensive, end to end approach, customized to our unique, rapidly growing and lightening paced business. They instilled confidence and gave the team peace of mind we selected the right solutions for Boat Rocker and helped minimize the disruption to our business.

What was the outcome?

ProcurePro helped us select the right solutions, saved us a substantial amount of time and money, while improving the contractual terms. Going through the process really kept us focused, on track and aligned to our internal thinking. It educated us on our capabilities and requirements. We are excited to now be transitioning to our new global ERP systems, foundational to enable our rapid growth. ProcurePro ensured a fair, transparent, organized and ethical process throughout. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services and will use them again in the future.