Through transformation and process implementation, ProcurePro helped build stronger relationships throughout the business.

Case Study

Global Transportation & Logistics Organization


  • The procurement structure needed to better align with the business units to support anticipated growth
  • The policies and processes had been in place for many years and needed to be updated and modernized to support business growth and increase agility
  • Systems needed to be implemented or updated, streamlined and automated to focus on value-added, strategic activities, improve service and build strong trusting relationships

How did ProcurePro help?

  • ProcurePro took the time to speak with the client team, their business units, learn their business, what their requirements were and developed a custom solution for their company
  • A Procurement Transformation Roadmap was created so the client knew exactly what the outcomes were to be with appropriate timing and regular checkpoints on progress
  • The People, Process & Systems (PPS) approach enabled the client to prioritize and focus on addressing the areas that could have the greatest impact

What was the outcome?

  • ProcurePro designed an organization model aligned to the client’s business units to work proactively and collaboratively, fostering a stronger business partnership
  • Helped the client build a “Spend Tree’ giving them actionable insights to development of high priority category strategies
  • Created a Scorecard that tracked the Procurement Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  • Helped the client to develop a Procurement Technology Roadmap by assessing their current technology, identifying gaps, prioritizing solutions including an eSourcing tool to help them eliminate the manual and cumbersome processes