Excellence Through Diversity

Guest Post by: Sheri Spinks, CEO & Founder, Grace2

Diversity & Inclusion is NOT an HR Initiative

Progressive leaders recognize the critical importance and value of integrating equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) into their business, culture and workforce, however, many organizations are missing a critical component, therefore not realizing the full potential and benefits.  A fully holistic EDI process that expands and enhances the scope from workforce and corporate environments, to include end customers via strategic implementation of supplier diversity and supply chain optimization, is both the missing piece and golden nugget.

Market Opportunities

According to WBE Canada, less than 1% of reported corporations in Canada today have made a conscious effort to engage, partner and support women-owned businesses.

That percentage shrinks significantly when you look at other minority groups, such as the LGBTQ2 community of suppliers. There is an untapped opportunity for growth, innovation, and partnership within these diverse supplier networks.

Supply Chain professionals, broadly including procurement, sourcing and logistics talent, are delivering value well beyond expected cost savings and taking their rightful places in executive leadership.  The strategic contributions, influence and alignment of these leaders in the design, planning and implementation of organizational strategy is critical to the success of reaching goals and objectives.

Progressive and engaged professionals in this space are educating themselves and their business partners on the business case for supplier diversity and the tangible value and benefits a successful integrated process delivers.  Best-in-class leaders that incorporate EDI and strategic business acumen into their supply chains and procurement operations deliver greater business value in the form of:

  • Revenue generation opportunities
  • Increased innovative solutions
  • Cost reduction and value enhancement opportunities
  • Strong strategic partnership development and management
  • Brand enhancement & corporate image
  • Enhanced user experience (UX) – engagement over governance
  • Global market & cultural insights
  • Improved reflection and representation of target customer base
  • Strategy design & implementation aligned with and culturally representative of their market and end customers
  • Valuable resource and connection for business partners
  • Effective risk mitigation and management
  • Timely adoption and automation of aligned technology solutions
  • Improved sustainability of operations via diversification

Expand your business – carve your edge – accelerate your growth – and solidify your market leader position by leveraging supply chain & supplier diversity expertise, influence and knowledge.

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Sheri Spinks, CEO & Founder, Grace2
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Sheri is an accomplished, certified SCMP, CPP and diversity executive with 19 + years of business and leadership experience in manufacturing and distribution in industrial engineering, electronics and automation, print, marketing and communications.

She has been recognized as one of Canada’s 100 Influential Women in Supply Chain, and one of Canada’s Top 10 Most Influential Women in Diversity & HR for her contributions in advancing supplier diversity in Corporate, North America.

She currently holds the Director, Supplier Diversity, WBE position on the Global Council for the Advancement of Women in Procurement and is a passionate advocate and champion for the empowerment of historically under-represented groups and individuals.

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