Lightswitch Media: Conquering the Marketing Game

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Marketing has always played an integral role in the success of businesses, whether it’s your day-to-day mom and pop shop or a large corporation, it holds great value within the ranks of important departments every business should have. ProcureHub is proud to introduce Brian Davidson from LightSwitch Media. For over 20 thrilling years, Brian Davidson has been a force to be reckoned with in the dynamic world of marketing. With an impressive track record that spans both traditional and digital marketing projects, Brian has mastered the art of creating integrated marketing strategies that ignite sales and foster unwavering customer loyalty. From national banks to cozy local restaurants, Brian has guided his clients to extraordinary growth, smashing through sales targets and leaving a trail of success in his wake. 

But behind Brian’s extraordinary achievements lies a heart-wrenching tale of a friend, whose dreams and ambitions were shattered due to a lack of proper marketing systems. Witnessing this devastating failure ignited a fierce determination within Brian to ensure that such stories would never be repeated. And thus, Light Switch Media was born – a visionary agency designed to give business owners back their most precious resource: time. By offering a dedicated team, cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled traffic generation, Light Switch Media empowers business owners to focus on what truly matters – building their empire. 

We recently asked Brian to tell us more about his entrepreneurial journey, here are some of his answers.  

What inspired you to pursue becoming an entrepreneur?

“I’ve always been interested in starting my own business. I’ve been running businesses for other people for over 25 years and figured it was time to put that experience to use and build something for myself. I watched a colleague start a business and then watched it fail because they didn’t invest in the right systems to market their business. I wanted to try help other entrepreneurs avoid that.” 

Could you share some key milestones or significant experiences that have shaped your professional journey? 

“The biggest experiences, for me, often come from learning what not to do. Learning to go deep, instead of wide, with my training and knowledge was crucial. Picking a few things and learning how to do them well versus dabbling in a lot of different services has been key to growth. Major milestones include the founding of the business in 2018 as a side gig, the move to full time in 2020 and the pivoting of the business to helping our clients Get Found Online in 2021.” 

What are some of the biggest challenges you have faced being an entrepreneur and how did you overcome them? 

“Probably the main difference between running other people’s companies to running my own was the biggest challenge. You are responsible for every aspect of the business and there is no downtime when you’re building a company from scratch. The 24/7 nature of entrepreneurship, the uncertainty, the imposter syndrome….all of it is challenging. I overcame them by putting my head down and working hard. Constantly trying new things and researching trends allowed me to land on a formula that now works.” 

Can you tell us about a project or achievement that you are particularly proud of? 

“We have a client who has been working with us for a year and a half. They are a local business in Whitby, Ontario with a physical location. We set up a program where we optimize their online directory listings, run Google Ads and manage their SEO performance. We are generating 5000 visits to their website & Google profile monthly and generating 150 new phone calls per month to the office. This has led to the client hiring 5 new staff members and moving to a bigger location to handle the new business coming in. The client couldn’t be happier.” 

 In your opinion, what are the essential skills or qualities needed to succeed at being an entrepreneur? 

“A short memory and thick skin. Also, a lot of patience and the willingness to put in the hours. You’re going to hear no a lot, you’re going to get rejected a lot, you’re going to doubt yourself a lot. Patience and perseverance will get you through the down days. You also have to know your own limits and be willing to admit you don’t know how to do something. For me it was bookkeeping, hiring an expert and letting go of that task/process was the best thing I could have done for my business.” 

How has your industry evolved or changed over the years, and how have you adapted to those changes? 

“Digital Marketing is always looking at shiny new objects to play with. The temptation is there to chase every new product/software/strategy that comes along. Throughout the constant change, we have focused on foundational products that are the bedrock of a sound marketing plan. By ensuring the essentials are always met, it allows us to keep driving new leads for our clients, which is most important. We adapted by going deep with our knowledge of what actually delivers results.

Are there any upcoming trends or developments in your industry that you find particularly interesting or exciting? 

“A.I (Artificial Intelligence). is the big trend in marketing right now. Everyone is excited about ChatGPT and how it can replace people and processes in a seemingly effortless way. The reality of A.I. is that it still needs human interaction to get the most out of the tool. I look at A.I. as the modern calculator. It is a tool that will save us time in completing certain actions, but it can’t replace 25 years of experience, creativity and problem-solving abilities. So I’m excited about the efficiencies it can create for my clients and myself, and I’m excited for small business owners to realize that they still need smart, experienced agencies like mine to really break through the noise.”  

What advice would you give to someone who is aspiring to pursue becoming an entrepreneur 

“First and foremost, have patience. We see these “overnight success” stories on the web all the time. I would suggest they are being less than honest about the time it took them to make it big. Success will come with hard work, a good plan and plenty of patience. The other major piece of advice is to just be yourself. People buy from people and being yourself is the best way to build meaningful relationships with your customers.” 

Can you share the most valuable lesson you learned as an entrepreneur? 

“Success is not a straight line and there isn’t a single definition of what success looks like. There will be ups and downs but if you believe in what you’re doing it will be successful, no matter what that means to you.” 

Brian’s unwavering mission has always been to bridge the gap between Main Street businesses and the seemingly distant corporate marketing agency world. Light Switch Media breathes life into downtown services with a charming, hometown feel and fosters one-on-one relationships that are as authentic as they are impactful. Whether you’re a local gem or an ambitious entrepreneur, Brian Davidson and Light Switch Media are the secret weapons you need to conquer the marketing game and propel your business to phenomenal heights. 

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