Unlocking Success: Navigating the HR and Recruiting Maze with ThryvX 


In the dynamic landscape of modern businesses, navigating the intricacies of human resources (HR) and recruiting is essential for sustainable growth and success. ThryvX specializes in HR and Recruiting services, providing essential support for business owners navigating the complexities of running a company. Located in the Durham Region, they serve clients nationwide, helping in both English and French, as well as internationally. ProcureHub Marketplace is proud to introduce, Corette Miller – Founder & CEO of ThryvX. Corette has over 25 years of HR expertise and 17 years, her team is dedicated to supporting fellow entrepreneurs and SMBs (Small and Medium sized Business). Whether it is offering guidance on employee law, policies, recruiting, or serving as an outsourced HR Team, they adapt to their clients’ needs. Passionate about educating others, they enjoy sharing insights through public speaking, helping businesses protect both their interests and their employees.  

Human Resources (HR) is playing a pivotal role in shaping the global landscape by fostering positive workplace environments and driving social change. Through initiatives focused on diversity and inclusion, HR professionals are actively working to dismantle barriers and promote equity within organizations. By prioritizing employee well-being and implementing policies that support mental health and work-life balance, HR is not only enhancing productivity but also contributing to a happier and healthier workforce. Moreover, HR departments are increasingly aligning their strategies with sustainability goals, advocating for environmental responsibility and ethical business practices. HR is not just about managing personnel; it is about creating a better world through empowered and engaged employees. We recently asked Corrette to tell us more about her entrepreneurial journey, embark on this reading journey as we find out the ins and outs of owning an HR business.  

What inspired you to pursue becoming an entrepreneur?  

Working extreme hours daily for two different companies to only lose my position because of an acquisition. I figured, if going to work was this hard, I might as well work this hard for myself!   

Could you share some key milestones or significant experiences that have shaped your professional journey?  

Working at Lavalife was an inspiring moment in my career. The CEO and original founders defined the standard for what great Corporate Culture should be. From that experience, when moving to another very toxic organization, I learned not to accept working in such an environment.  My experience at Lavalife instilled in me, my core values which continue to guide me today. Working with such a strong leadership team impressed in me the importance of honesty and integrity; they put such a high value on these traits that it has governed my entire career, my life, ensuring that ThryvX lives our values. 

What are some of the biggest challenges you have faced being an entrepreneur and how did you overcome them?  

Allowing myself to be vulnerable; no business owner, CEO out there knows everything! I quickly learned what I am great at and what areas I am not. I place trust in others.  

Can you tell us about a project or achievement that you are particularly proud of?  

Too many! An acquisition when I first started on my own (1st project after leaving corporate) was a Canadian company acquiring a company in Georgia. I was proud of how I was able to support the staff in the US with the change, coach the leadership on the distinct cultures and how to merge them. I had to educate and coach the two organizations on the distinct cultures between Canada and the US. A trip that was only supposed to be for 24hours in Georgia ended up being 4 days. I was happy with the impact I made and how I was able to help reduce the anxiety that comes with change.  

Another project was Chipotle, we partnered to open their very first international restaurant, which was in Toronto. Once again, I was supporting, educating, and coaching the leadership on the differences between the Canadian workplace culture compared to the US workplace. We were able to hire and train 35 staff to be ready for opening day with no delays! It was an amazing 9 months!  

In your opinion, what are the essential skills or qualities needed to succeed at being an entrepreneur?  

Adaptability and vulnerability. You must be able to wear many hats and be in many different places.  

You need to be patient, determined and dedicated. Being an entrepreneur is hard, there are many sleepless nights worrying about the business, clients, employees etc.  But I love it, I love what I do, and I love the relationships I have made along the way.  

How has your industry evolved or changed over the years, and how have you adapted to those changes?  

Things are changing all the time.  A perfect example is during the Pandemic when we saw new legislation put in place around the Right to Disconnect, or mandates around masking and conversations about vaccinations.  We had to move quickly to understand what was happening, educate ourselves so that we could guide our clients.  This continues to happen today with changes to legislations or even the raise in minimum wage.  As an HR professional I need to stay on top of those changes and understand how they may affect my clients.  Personally, I stay educated.  I am committed to continuous learning and development.   

Are there any upcoming trends or developments in your industry that you find particularly interesting or exciting? 

Now we are in a world with Hybrid Workplaces.  Organizations have adopted this type of working environment because they had too and quite quickly.  Now we are seeing more conversations about ensuring the right HR policies and procedures are in place long term to protect organizations and employees.  We are seeing the challenges of recruiting and the ability to attract and retain; especially if organizations have not pivoted to operate different then “pre-covid.”   

What advice would you give to someone who is aspiring to pursue becoming an entrepreneur. 

To thrive in business, it’s crucial to follow your passions and align your values with your ventures. This foundation sets the stage for success. Understanding your industry, target audience, and competition is paramount. From there, crafting a comprehensive business plan outlining goals, strategy, and financial projections ensures a clear path forward. Building a robust network of mentors and professionals in your field provides invaluable support and guidance. Remaining attuned to industry trends and emerging technologies keeps your business agile and competitive. Prioritizing customer value fosters loyalty and drives growth, while prudent financial management ensures stability. Cultivating a talented and motivated team amplifies productivity and innovation. Staying customer-centric by actively gathering and utilizing feedback fosters continual improvement. Ultimately, staying true to your vision, adapting to change, and seizing opportunities for growth are the hallmarks of sustained success in the dynamic world of business. 

Can you share the most valuable lesson you learned as an entrepreneur?  

Learning from failures, learning to adapt, and persevere. 

In conclusion, the realms of HR and recruiting are ever evolving, presenting both challenges and opportunities for organizations. As this article has highlighted, investing in robust HR strategies and effective recruitment practices is essential for driving business growth and maintaining a competitive edge in today’s dynamic market. By prioritizing talent acquisition, fostering inclusive workplaces, and adapting to emerging trends, companies can not only attract top talent but also retain and develop their existing workforce. Ultimately, HR and recruiting are not merely administrative functions but strategic pillars that enable organizations to thrive and succeed in the long term. If you would like to work with Corette and her team, visit www.procurehub.ca and sign up today!  

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